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As CEO of Dream University, Marcia Wieder has spent over 30 years leading a Dream Movement. She also created and leads a modern day “mystery school”, The Meaning Institute, to help people live more meaningful lives. Marcia collaborated with 3 U.S. presidents, was a repeat guest on Oprah, had her own PBS television special and taught at Stanford’s Business School. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and an advisory board member for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Unstoppable Foundation where she financed and helped build 15 schools in Kenya. She is the renowned author of 15 books including; Dream: Clarify & Create What You Want, Making Your Dreams Come True, Life is But a Dream, Dreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less & Having More. She writes for Huffington Post and was a syndicated columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Marcia now resides in Rome living her own dream and enjoying life. She works with individuals and companies to create a new vision for themselves and the world. To reach her for a speaking engagement, private strategy day or a dream trip, visit MarciaWieder.com.

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Free Video Series – DreamSteps to a Dream Come True Life

DreamSteps to a Dream Come True Life

Incredible transformations occur to people just like you when they start realizing their dreams. There’s a whole new way to live that’s connected to more purpose – more meaning – and more passion.

Sound good? Receive the free DreamSteps video series that show you how. Watch this to learn more.

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You don’t want to miss this free video series! These are the DreamSteps that have helped countless people achieve their dreams – including 3 U.S. Presidents and viewers of the Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Marcia’s own national PBS television special called “Making Your Dreams Come True”.

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Power of Dreaming

Power of Dreaming

Welcome to the process developed by Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO of Dream University, to help you achieve your dreams. Developed over the last 30 years, these 10 DreamSteps will guide, inspire and power you!

Action Step:

Think about this: What would it really mean to you to make your dreams come true? How would your life change if you truly knew you had the capacity to realize any dream?

Let us know below. And stay tuned for the next DreamStep video!

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DreamStep # 1 – Setting Your Intention

DreamStep # 1 – Setting Your Intention

This is exciting! You are about to learn that the first DreamStep towards achieving your dreams is all about INTENTION

Be sure to watch all the way through this short video and pay attention to the action step:

Action Step:

What is one thing that is important to you – that you want to make happen today? Something that you commit to and make happen. And when you complete it, be sure to celebrate your success.

Use the comments below to share with us all what your intention is.

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DreamStep # 2 – Living wIth Integrity

DreamStep # 2 – Living wIth Integrity

Aligning INTENTION with INTEGRITY is an all important task for you as you work towards achieving your dreams. Watch this video to see why integrity is so critical.

Action Step:

I invite you to write down one area in your life that is incomplete. Think about it and realize that it’s incomplete. Then do your best to complete it.

Share with us in the comments below.

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DreamStep # 3 – Living on Purpose

DreamStep # 3 – Living on Purpose

This DreamStep is all about discovering your life’s purpose and living it in every way possible. Watch this very important DreamStep.

Action Step:

Today’s action step is to list 3 specific times when you were passionate. Then look for the common thread among them. What was it that you were passionate about in each of these times?

We can’t wait to see what you share!

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DreamStep # 4 – Access Your Dreamer

DreamStep # 4 – Access Your Dreamer

It’s time to shake off the pressures of the world and to get in touch with your inner Dreamer. Click below for the Access Your Dreamer DreamStep:

Action Step:

This one is a fun one! Write down one dream that’s really important to you. If time and money were not issues, if you had the support of the people around you, and – most importantly – if you truly believed in yourself, what would you do? Where would you go, what would you create, what would you change?

Let us know!

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